Kartesio is a program for calculating best fit curves with experimental points using regression algorithms or neural networks.

How to install:

Binary packages:

Kartesio 0.2 DEB
Kartesio 0.2 RPM

Install from source code:

First of all, please be sure you have installed all the dependencies: libqt4-dev, libkdeui5, libkdeedu-dev, maxima, and ZorbaNeural. You should easily find all the dependencies on your distro's packages manager: the only one you may not be able to find is ZorbaNeural. This one can be downloaded from https://www.gitorious.org/zorbaneural/zorbaneural/trees/masterYou can download the latest code from KDE's git, using the command:
git clone git@git.kde.org:kartesio
then, you can run the easy-build.sh script to automatically perform every operation needed to compile and install the program on a GNU/Linux distro.Older official releases of Kartesio are these:
Kartesio 0.2
Kartesio 0.1

Kartesio Handbook

The official Kartesio manual can be found in the folder /usr/share/doc/kde/HTML/en/kartesio/index.docbook, writing the url "help:/kartesio/index.html" in Rekonq (if you have already installed Kartesio) or here.