Active projects

  • AnitaOS

    AnitaOS is a simple OS for Italy’s government offices and schools
  • Bran

    Bran is a software for corpora linguistic research. It offers statistical algorithms, scraping from social networks and websites, and linguistic tag recognition (Part of Speech, Morphology, Dependencies, Lemmatization) based on the Universal Dependencies format.
  • Guercio

    Guercio is a Digispark firmware to automatically get a VNC connection from a Windows 7/8/10 system exploiting BadUSB bug.
  • Kartesio

    Kartesio is a program for calculating best fit curves with experimental points using regression algorithms or neural networks.
  • Kocr

    Kocr is a graphical interface for Tesseract and Cuneiform with support for plain text, HTML formatted text, and searchable PDF output on GNU/Linux, Windows, and possibly MacOS.

Old (inactive) projects

  • Carnivoro

    A simple botnet creator using IRC chats, to be used only for educational purposes
  • Cresta

    Cresta means Code Ranking Erasmus Students for Trieste Automatically. It's a program designed for automatically ranking Erasmus candidates using University of Trieste's standards.
  • Stibium

    Stibium is desktop enviroment based on cloud storage and designed to run inside a web browser. It was built as an Ubuntu One app, but it could work with NextCloud